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Release Date :01/08/2016

'Swans over Dorking' by Bay's Leap

with Clare Simmonds- piano
James Barralet -cello
Noel Taylor - clarinet & bass clarinet

Review by Adam Baruch:

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"I can only recommend this wonderful album to all true music connoisseurs, regardless of their default musical inclinations. This music is able to penetrate the barriers of unfamiliarity and outlandishness by sheer power of its beauty and unadulterated ingenuity."




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Release Date :01/05/2015

Stones of Contention

with Tommaso Vespo - piano
Ricardo Tejero - sax
Noel Taylor - clarinet
Antonio Aiella - bass
Nicola Hein - guitar
Antonio Longo -drums

The Sicilian pianist, Tommaso Vespo, assembled the six musicians that play on 'Stones of Contention'. He invited Spanish, English and German colleagues that he knew from the Berlin Improvisers Orchestra to come to Sicily and join up with himself and two local musicians.

'Stones of Contention' is the evocative title that Vespo entitled the result. The meaning is elusive. Does it refer to some ancient ritual, or to an archaic and long-forgotten conflict? Perhaps the 'stones' have some sort of mystic power or are they mere tokens of power, to be shuffled like dice? Above all - we would wish to know are they the subject or object of 'contention'? But we will never know the answer to this, because Tommaso Vespo himself does not know. 'Stones make sounds' is his cryptic explanation. What we can say is that this is music that seems to seethe with unresolved undercurrents, as if some clandestine dispute is secretly encoded in sound. There is a sense of restlessness, of disruption, of things being tossed aside, of a discourse full of exclamations, shouts and whispers. There is an irascible quality that seems to persist throughout, like a nagging thought at the margins of a dream that never entirely resolves. Yet towards the end we hear a great clamour arising, a thunderous chorus of wild voices - on piano, drums, clarinet, saxophone, guitar and drums - all acclaiming, all contending, all shouting to an un-hearing heaven that this is their sound, this is their music, that these are the Stones of Contention.

Splatter: Cloudseed (feat. Rafal Mazur)

Release Date : 30/11/2013

Cloudseed by Splatter with Rafal Mazur

reviewed (in Portuguese)

Jazz Portugal

""The music reminds me of a controlled explosion, yet this is an explosion that does not destroy anything at all but, on the contrary, creates one of the most astonishing musical worlds I've heard recently! Marvelously paradoxical: it manages to be coherent, spontaneous and well thought-out yet at the same time, it is completely improvised. This is the artistic statement of a group of excellent musicians and mature artists and I recommend it to anyone in love with the free side of jazz, music!"

Maciej Nowotny - RadioJAZZ.FM

Splatter: Scraffiti

Released in March 2011

Scraffiti by Splatter

reviewed allaboutjazz:

reviewed by Jazz Alchemist:

"This music soothes your soul, it allows you to travel slowly between the stars. In fact it's quite uncanny how subtle and melodic those improvisations are, how accessible this music remains, while mantaining this elusive, emotionally gripping quality of the improvisation. Or maybe the term of a real-time composition would fit better? Never mind the terms, poetry doesn't need words."

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Noel Taylor &  Alberto Popolla: All Fall Down

Released in November 2010

'All Fall Down' by Noel Taylor & Alberto Popolla - can be bought from CDBaby@ $13.97

reviewed by Joe Higham:

"This 14 track CD is possibly one of the most delightful wind duos I've heard for a long time, and it's easy listening! By using the words easy listening I'm certainly not trying to evoke the image of James Last or Bert Kaempfert, here we have music that whilst pushing at barriers is quite unpretentious, even the length of the tunes is very modest, with the majority of the pieces having an average of 2 to 3 minutes. Yet that makes the music even more enjoyable, and of course you hear that the musicians enjoyed playing together."


Niko Meinhold & Noel Taylor: Border Patrol

Released in July 2010

'Border Patrol', by Niko Meinhold & Noel Taylor - can be bought now from CDBaby @ $15.97


"..the two musicians master and integrate the legacy of their training : from classical music, jazz, blues to more modern aspects of new music and avant-garde, nicely navigating between romantic lyricism and abstract tension and discovery, this is music with character and vision."

reviewed by Stef Gijssels:

Splatter: Music for Misanthropes

'Music for Misanthropes', by Splatter (January 2010) - buy from CDBaby @ $12.97

"The music is sweet, gentle and accessible, free and quite mature, in contrast to the adolescent scribblings on the back cover. And entirely improvised. And I must say, well improvised. The lyricism and interplay on some pieces make it sound as if it's thoroughly rehearsed or at least pre-conceived, but apparently not."

reviewed by Stef Gijssels:

I-C-E (The Improvising Clarinet Ensemble): I-C-E Bound
'I-C-E Bound', by I-C-E - the Improvising Clarinet Ensemble
(April 2008 ) - buy using CDBaby l@ $12.97
Uncle Rabbit: 200 Used Cars

'200 Used Cars', by Uncle Rabbit (October 2007) - buy from CDBaby @ $12.97